The Fiberforge Focus: Lightweighting Your World®

Since 1998, Fiberforge has been driven by a single goal: Helping our customers leverage the benefits of thermoplastic advanced composites with a game-changing manufacturing technology. As a leader in thermoplastic advanced composites, Fiberforge enables customers to ‘lightweight’ end use application providing cost-effective solutions for manufacturing high-performance products.

We offer complete solutions with a single focus — Lightweighting Your World®.

Fiberforge is a global company with headquarters in Colorado and Switzerland.

Fiberforge Location Map


Our story traces back to the 1990s where, at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, Colorado, our founders recognized a need for a manufacturing process that would enable the affordable use of advanced composites in the automotive industry. With such a process available, automakers could dramatically improve fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of the vehicle. The downstream benefits of such a technology include reduced fuel consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved safety and performance and, of course, more affordable transportation globally.

While our roots are in the automotive industry, the aerospace, defense and consumer electronic products industries have adopted Fiberforge technology to improve structural performance, increase fuel efficiency, reduce weight and improve safety. With rising fuel costs and energy demands affecting the global economy, the automotive industry is adopting advanced materials at an unprecedented rate. Fiberforge is leading the charge.

Amory Lovins, Fiberforge Chairman Emeritus, was instrumental in developing Fiberforge’s strategic vision. Mr. Lovins has been an influential voice in advocating “soft energy paths” for companies around the world. His commitment to energy strategies based on conservation, efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy helped build our foundation and shape our mission: Lightweighting Your World®.