manufacturing process solution
The use of advanced composites for high volume, high performance applications is within reach.

Manufacturing Process Solution

Simple is beautiful. The Fiberforge manufacturing process consists of four simple, discrete steps: Layup, Consolidation, Forming and Trimming.

Each step takes place rapidly on a dedicated station, where subsequent steps follow in rapid succession. Total production time of a single part— Just minutes.

Precise High-speed Layup

The driving force of our process is the Fiberforge RELAY Station – a state-of-the-art, automated tape layup machine that produces tailored blanks, near-net-shape pre-forms comprised of multiple layers of fiber and thermoplastic pre-impregnated tape. Fiber and tape are automatically oriented to maximize part performance.

High Pressure Consolidation

After lay-up, the tailored blank is consolidated on a specially built step-press. Consolidating the laminate under high pressure and temperature produces highly structural parts with very low void content- typically well under 1%. Since the process can consolidate multiple panels at once, actual consolidation time per part is very low.

Automated Heating and Forming

The tailored blank is then loaded into a shuttle system that carries it into an oven for heating. When heated to processing temperature, it quickly shuttles into a high pressure thermoforming press. Precise, matched-metal tooling rapidly forms the tailored blank into the final form. One operator runs an entire production cell.


Final formed parts are then moved to a trim station for final trimming with minimal scrap. In minutes you have a final part.

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