relay technology
Our Relay technology offers reliability, competitive advantages and an opportunity for innovation.

RELAY® Station Technology

Fiberforge’s state-of-the-art RELAY® Station is an automated thermoplastic tape layup system. RELAY® stands for "rapid, efficient layup," and both the equipment and process are protected by patents. Fiberforge designs and sells its RELAY Station equipment to manufacturers.

Fiberforge Offers RELAY Automated Technologies

  • RELAY® Station 1000, which can produce parts up to 1m x 1m
  • RELAY® Station 2000, which can produce parts up to 2m x 2m

Now manufacturers can overcome traditional processing limitations and drive down costs with game-changing Fiberforge technology.

Fiberforge RELAY Process Summary

  • Our proprietary software, TailorGen™, generates a 2D model and programs the RELAY Station for production.
  • A rapid tape dispensing system feeds composite tape through a track above a 2-axis motion table.
  • Pre-preg thermoplastic tape lengths are track-fed, cut and placed on a 2-axis motion table as a series of ultrasonic weld tips rapidly tack the tape to the ply beneath it.
  • Following welding, the table indexes to a new position to lay the next course.
  • This process repeats until a multi-ply tailored blank is constructed.

Benefits of the Fiberforge RELAY Station

  • Extremely high throughput – up to 200 pounds of material processed per hour
  • Automated
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphic user interface
  • Accurate, repeatable, precise and reliable
  • Unsurpassed design and engineering support

Quick Glance at RELAY Station Specs

  • PC-based Operating System
  • 9 Servo Axes: X, Y, A & U
  • Touch screen, full manual and auto control
  • Advanced error indicators and data logging
  • Purpose-built systems available to meet larger, smaller or more complex part geometry

Contact us to speak with our Fiberforge team about the RELAY Station.