Quality is consistently very high and scrap rates are enviably low.


Our AS9100 compliant manufacturing facility utilizes lean manufacturing systems. Fiberforge's extremely efficient production methods and lean manufacturing process requires less material inventory, less parts storage and less fixed overhead as a result. The Fiberforge patented process is all about higher volumes at lower cost for high performance thermoplastic composites.

Smart High Volume Composite Manufacturing

Whether you're working to reduce the cost of an automotive component or to improve the quality and repeatability of an aircraft structural part, we can help. Our high-speed automated process drives down production times and is far more precise than traditional composite hand lay-up processes.

You start by outsourcing to us. Once the volumes are high enough for you to justify your own equipment, we will work with you to install Fiberforge’s manufacturing equipment and work with equipment suppliers and system integrators to help you establish a turnkey system utilizing the patented RELAY® Station in your facility to scale up to meet your required volumes for the lowest possible cost.

Production for Profit

Maximize profit and leapfrog competitors by utilizing Fiberforge as an outsourced composites supplier. Fiberforge in-house fabrication services provide customers with efficient, low cost, high volume composite manufacturing primarily for the aerospace and defense industries.

Our on-site production equipment includes:

  • RELAY Station 1000 Series for tailored blank fabrication
  • 128 zone, infrared oven with automated shuttle system
  • 408-ton hydraulic thermoforming press
  • 140-ton hydraulic thermoforming press
  • NC table router
  • Convection oven with desiccant dryer
  • 5-axis CNC machine center
  • 7-axis CNC trimming station
  • Full machine shop
  • Complete testing and quality assurance lab
  • NDI (C-Scan) testing

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