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Manufacturers can now go “from zero to mass production” faster than ever.

Technology Licensing and Manufacturing Equipment

The Fiberforge process starts with the RELAY® Station.

Fiberforge’s state-of-the-art RELAY® Station is an automated thermoplastic tape layup system. RELAY® stands for “rapid, efficient layup,” and both the equipment and process are protected by patents. Fiberforge designs and sells its RELAY Station equipment to manufacturers, around the world to make strong, lightweight, cost-effective parts in-house. Fiberforge currently offers the RELAY Stations in two sizes:

  • RELAY® Station 1000, which can produce parts up to 1m x 1m
  • RELAY® Station 2000, which can produce parts up to 2m x 2m

Tailored blanks are flat multi-ply laminates of uni-directional tape where each strip or course of tape can be laid up rapidly and in unique configurations. This allows such features as complex shapes, many fiber orientations, variable thickness and multiple materials to be incorporated into tailored blanks.

The first step in the process is to create a tailored blank with the RELAY Station. After the RELAY Station creates the tailored blank, then the tailored blanks are moved on to be rapidly consolidated. Finally, the parts are formed and then trimmed to their final shape.

To minimize cost, the RELAY Station dispensing head places materials only where needed, significantly reducing scrap compared with other methods. In addition, the RELAY Station utilizes high-speed automation to minimize labor and improve productivity and repeatability. And, our proprietary, user-friendly TailorGen™ software makes it easy to program the RELAY Station to make tailored blanks.

The patented Fiberforge manufacturing process is focused on the production of thermoplastic advanced composites for high-volume, high-performance applications.

Our licensed partners enjoy unique competitive advantages, including fabrication costs reduced by more than 30% compared to traditional processes. Licensees have preferred access to Fiberforge engineering and equipment design teams.

Advanced Composite Parts in Minutes

Where traditional composites take hours to produce, the Fiberforge process sets a new standard— parts made in just a few minutes. Fiberforge licenses its patented process and will work directly with licensees to implement the RELAY® Station at the location of their choice.

Successful RELAY Licenses

Fiberforge RELAY Station technology makes efficient, high volume advanced composite manufacturing a reality. Here are just a few of our successful technology licensing partnerships:

Oribi Manufacturing

Markets Served: Sports & Recreation Products

Oribi Manufacturing, based in Denver, CO is a licensee of Fiberforge technology used for manufacturing consumer sporting goods and outdoor recreation products. The addition of the RELAY Station technology has increased Oribi's manufacturing capacity and provided them with a significant competitive advantage in global composites supply markets.

MRC/NEDO and University of Tokyo

Markets Served: Automotive Industry

Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (MRC), New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO - a government organization of Japan) and the University of Tokyo are a R&D licensee of the Fiberforge technology to develop reinforced thermoplastic composites for automotive applications.

Fraunhofer, ICT

Markets Services: Automotive and Aerospace Industry

Fraunhofer, ICT, based in Pfinztal, Germany is a R&D licensee of the Fiberforge technology with a RELAY Station 2000, offering their clients the ability to develop thermoplastic composite parts up to 2m x 2m in size for automotive and aerospace applications.

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